Printable coloring money savings and debt payment progress trackers

4 Reasons Why You Need Money Savings And Debt Payment Progress Trackers

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The journey to financial freedom and managing your money is not just a hop, skip, and a jump away. You’re in it for the long haul. It takes dedication, time, self-control, and constant re-adjustment of priorities.

So why not add a little spark by unleashing your inner child with fun, printable, coloring money savings and debt payment progress trackers provided to you by The Progress Pill!

Since my debt-free journey is far from over, I have constantly looked for ways to keep me on track to crushing my student loans while putting a little extra money aside for savings.

I had been scouring the internet for a little inspiration on savings and debt progress trackers but really couldn’t quite find what I wanted so I decided to create my own!

Next thing you know, I now have my own Etsy Shop with several cute financial goal trackers! The best part is that they are all digital, which means you can print them as many times as you like and they are super affordable!

Of course, if you’re not sure what the benefits are of a savings or debt progress tracker, let me give you my top 4 reasons.


I’m sure you’ve probably heard, maybe even from me, that taking the time to create a specific, attainable goal is one of the best ways to ensure success on whatever journey you’re on.

While I still stand by setting thoughtful goals using the SMART method, I also know that, sometimes, people just don’t have the time. Perhaps, it even may just be confusing to go through that exercise.

A progress tracker is much simpler. It does ask you to decide how much money you are going to commit to saving or putting towards your debt. Consider it a basic contract that you will review each month with each paycheck or with your budget. But, that’s just about it!

Track your financial goals with printable, coloring money savings and debt payment progress trackers.


With a progress tracker, each image that is available for you to color is a mini-milestone.

Because financial freedom is a long game, baby steps are key! You can’t run before you walk, no matter how much you want to or how much you try. So why not grab an easy tool like this to help you visualize each step you’re taking that brings you closer to that finish line!


When you’re able to have something tangible and truly see the progress that you’re making, you gain momentum. For me, it’s like a jolt of power after I cross a mini-milestone. I see it and it sends a new surge of energy and motivation to keep going and see it through until the very end.

The journey becomes way easier because you see the impact of what you’re doing on your progress. It gives you the opportunity to reflect on all of your hard work so far and to take a moment to be proud of yourself. Each time you’ve colored in an image, allow yourself to celebrate!

Not only that, but it’s so much fun to just grab a bright pink marker and color an image in. It takes some of the stress out of the process and who wouldn’t want that?

Track your financial goals with printable, coloring money savings and debt payment progress trackers.


Savings and debt payment progress trackers are like little roadmaps. You make a clear commitment of a specific amount of money each month or from each paycheck and you have a certain mileage or a certain distance that you have to travel in order to reach your final destination.

The path is there for you so tack your tracker up to the wall or hang it on your fridge. Because, when you follow the path, you’ll be the master of your money and financial freedom will be yours.

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